How does the Live Preview work?

☕️ TL;DR- The Live Preview allows you to playback the Clips in your Timeline in real-time. You can access it in the left navigation by pressing the Preview button.

🎓In this article you will learn about:

1. Activating the Live Preview 

2. Use the Live Preview controls

1. Activate the Live Preview

To Activate the Live Preview mode, navigate to the left bar under Shot List and press the
Preview ondemand_video-24px button.

preview controls 2

2. Use the Live Preview controls

  • Source Timeline Source-Timeline : This switch will open the Source Timeline, which will allow you to split, trim and work with KeyFrames on that Clip. Learn more about the Source Timeline open_in_new-24pxin this article.
  • Aspect Ratio: You can change your Project Aspect Ratio anytime by clicking the
    drop-downdrop down menu at the bottom left of the Preview window. 
  • Play Controls: The Back back button button moves the Playhead to the start of the Clip or at the end of the previous Clip. The Play play button button plays through your Clips from the Playhead position. The Play Trim Region play region button button will only playback the selected Clip. The Play from Playhead position Play from playhead button button will play your entire video on the Source Timeline, from the Playhead position. The Forward forward button button moves the Playhead to end of the Clip or at the start of the next Clip.

🗒️Note: The Play Trim region and Play from Playhead position buttons are only available when the Source Timeline is visible. Head over to the Keyboard Shortcuts open_in_new-24px article to see how you can speed up your editing.

  • Show/Hide Crop Region visibility-24px : Use this button to view or hide the cropped area of your Clips.
    show hide example
  • Audio volume_off-24px :  Use this to mute or unmute your video Preview. This won't affect your final audio output. 
  • Quality Settings settings-24px :  This will allow you to select the Preview quality of your Clips. Choose either HD (720p) or SD (320p) from the pop window.
  • Delete KeyFrames delete-24px: This button allows you to delete KeyFrames created on the Source Timeline. This button will be visible when you add your first KeyFrame. Head over to the KeyFraming open_in_new-24px article to learn more about this powerful tool.