How does the Timeline in Kamua work?

☕️ TL;DR- The Timeline is an interface where you lay Clips, one after the other (in a linear fashion) to create a video. It's at the bottom of the Kamua Studio screen and can be turned on/off by using the button on the bottom of the left navbar.

😍Good to know: When you add a Shot to the Timeline, the resulting Clip will automatically snap to the end of the last Clip (this is sometimes called "magnetic" snapping). It will also snap if you insert the Shot between two Clips already on the Timeline. At the moment, it's not possible in Kamua to intentionally leave a gap, but we will add that in the near future.

In this article you will learn:

How to Access the Timeline

Let's start off with the anatomy of Kamua's Studio Interface. It is the main suite of tools in Kamua where you do most of your video edits and repurposing. The Studio contains the Shot List, PreviewTimeline, and Settings.

In the visual below, the Timeline is located at the bottom of the Studio.


On the bottom of the Left Nav Bar, click on the Timeline Icon  Timeline to pop up the Timeline. If it is already open, the icon will appear blue.

The Timeline icon has two functionalities:

1. You can have the timeline show by clicking the icon with the up arrow. Automating Video Editing _ Kamua-13 

2. You can hide the active timeline by clicking the icon with the down arrow. Timeline 

💡Pro Tip: If you are just in the mood to browse the Shots that have been cut for you, hiding the Timeline will give you more room to go through your Shot List.

Main Timeline

Clicking on a Clip or anywhere on the Timeline will take you to the Preview mode, where you will have access to the Clip Settings on the right of the screen. Learn how to use Preview.

timeline full view

💡Pro Tip: When in Preview, you can just hit the Play button and watch how the Clip Settings that you made are going to be when you Render the video. This makes it fast and easy to see how your video will look when you resize or Crop it for mobile. 

Auto Split Clips on Trim

On the Main Timeline, if you extend a Clip past the next cut point, Kamua will automatically split it for you, by default. To disable this feature, click the Auto Split Clips on Trim wheel wheel and uncheck the box. 

💡Pro Tip: You can use Keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your workflow on the Timeline.

How to Zoom in and out

You can change the magnification of your Clips on the Main Timeline by clicking the zoom out iconAutomating Video Editing _ Kamua-24 and zoom in iconAutomating Video Editing _ Kamua-25 located at the bottom right of the Timeline interface. 

You can also use the slider between the zoom icons to quickly zoom the Timeline. The more you zoom in, the more Thumbnails you will see, all the way down to individual Frames at the most zoomed-in level.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 10.17.38 PM

Clearing the Timeline

1. You can click the "X" at the top right of any Clip to delete it, or use Backspace/Delete on your keyboard to delete the currently selected Clip. This will be followed by a message asking you to confirm your choice. You can also delete Clips without receiving a confirmation message using the trashcan icondelete_outline-24pxlocated at the footer of your Clip Settings panel on the right. Using this repeatedly will delete Clips from the right of the Playhead.

2. If you have added several Clips onto your Timeline and wish to delete them all, you can click the trashcan icondelete_outline-24pxat the bottom right of the timeline interface to remove all Clips. This will be followed by a message asking you to confirm your choice.

Note🗒️: You can click Undo or Redo from the Left Nav Bar to bring back your deleted clips.


💡Pro Tip: When presented with confirmation messages before deleting a Clip, you can choose to not be asked again, by checking the relevant box. This can be reset from the Confirmation Dialogs option under your Profile in the top right of the page.

Scrolling Timeline

You can scroll through your Clips by using the Scroll Bar on the Timeline or a two-finger gesture/swipe on a trackpad.