What is AutoCut in Kamua and how do I use it?

☕️ TL;DR - AutoCut detects the cut points in videos and automatically splits the video at each cut point, saving you valuable time. The resulting "pieces" of the video are called Shots and can be split further or merged according to what you need.

AutoCut uses AI to analyze videos and determine where the editor originally inserted Cuts or Transitions between Shots. The Shots are displayed on a screen we call the Shot List.

💡Pro Tip: Shots are the building blocks of editing in Kamua. You edit Shots into Clips on the Timeline. You should learn all there is to know about Shots so you can get the most out of Kamua. Learn more open_in_new-24px

AutoCut Works by Default: You do not need to do anything!

Every time you upload or link a video to Kamua, we automatically process it and apply AutoCut to it. The simple reason we do this is because we believe it's easier for you to see what's inside your videos when they are displayed Shot-by-Shot, and it speeds up the editing process.

So, basically AutoCut is the technology and feature that cuts videos into their component Shots, and the Shot List is where you work with your Shots.

What Can I do in the Shot List screen?

Quite a few things: 

  1. Browse your Shots and auto-play them with mouse-over
  2. Split or Merge Shots
  3. Filter shots based on duration and transitions using the filter icon filter_alt-24px
  4. Add Shots to the Timeline

Head over to the Shot List open_in_new-24px article to learn more.