What are Project Settings?

☕️ TL;DR - Project Settings allow you to set visual and audio parameters that will affect all the clips on your timeline.

🎓In this article you will learn about:

  1. Aspect Ratio
  2. Resolution
  3. Crop-Focal Point
  4. Remove Black Bars
  5. Captions
  6. Speed
  7. Audio
  8. Audio cross-fade

1. Aspect Ratio AR 

Aspect Ratio sets the ratio between the width and the height of a video (W:H e.g. 9:16). You can set your Project Aspect Ratio from select from the very popular Portrait and Square
options or choose from selection available via the drop-down drop down. You can also enter a Custom Aspect Ratio within the drop-down menu, by setting the custom width and height. Some also refer to this as Custom Cropping Dimensions, however "dimensions" are more applicable to Resolution, and "proportions" are more applicable to Aspect Ratio.

💡Pro Tip: If your aspect ratio contains a decimal (e.g. 9:19.5) you will need to multiply both numbers in order to get a whole number (e.g. by 10, so 9:19.5 → 90:195).


2. Resolution

You can also set the Resolution (dimensions) of the video, which will always remain locked to the Aspect Ratio.

To keep things simple, let's look at 16:9 which is the standard Aspect Ratio that most Landscape formats use:

  • 16:9 Ratio can have Resolutions of 160:90 (very low resolution) or 1600:900 (HD resolution)
  • It can also be a fraction, such as 800:450, which is half of 1600:900

If you have multiple Source videos of different resolutions, Kamua will always respect the highest resolution when rendering the final video, so it will upscale the lower resolution videos to match. Keep in mind that this is a simplistic upscaling, so you will not necessarily see an improvement to the quality of the lower resolution videos, but, more importantly, you will not experience a downscaling in quality of the highest resolution video that you used as a Source.

3. Crop-Focal Point crop focal

Setting your Focal Point will allow you to manually adjust the Crop Box of your video using your cursor. This affects your default center point and zoom level.
Next to Crop-Focal Point, choose Set and adjust the size of the Crop Box as desired. Click Save Focal Point for the changes to take effect and playback your video in Preview to view the results.

4. Remove Black Bars Remove-Black-Bars-Icon  

This will automatically remove Black Bars from your Clips or you can manually adjust them using the edit create-24px button. Head over to the Black Bars open_in_new-24px article to learn more.

5. Captionsclosed_caption-24px

Kamua uses AI to generate Captions for you automatically. Once enabled It displays speech in a  word for word format on the screen. Head over to the Captions open_in_new-24px article to learn more about this powerful tool.

6. Speed speed-1  

You can set the Speed of your Clips by adjusting the percentage from 100% to 1000% or down to 50%. This will be reflected in the length of the Clips on the Timeline.

7. Audio audio 

Toggling the Audio switch OFF will remove the audio track from your video when you Render it. This is useful for removing audio in order to add soundtracks at a later date or in another program. You can convert videos with audio into stock footage in this way.

8. Audio Cross-Fade audio crossfade

The term "cross-fade" is used to describe the effect of one piece of audio getting softer (fading out) while the next piece of audio in the sequence gets louder (fading in). 

You can set your Audio to Cross-Fade between the Clips on the Timeline by changing the input value (0-10s). 

Note: For Shots that are sequential in the Source Media (video), you will not be able to hear any crossfades applied because as the audio from Clip 1 fades out, the audio from Clip 2 fades in, and it's the exact same audio because the 2 Clips are sequential in the original video.